Healthy Champaign County

Goal 2 Healthy Champaign County

Goal #2: To reduce the percent of adults who are obese by 5%.
Baseline: 22.3% (BRFSS 2012)

  • Recognize restaurants with healthier options; create an HCC “seal of approval”
  • Promote policies that make affordable, healthy food available in communities
  • Promote healthy foods (Go Foods stickers, etc.)
  • Support Community Gardens
  • Develop plans, resources, and tools for small/medium sized businesses to adopt/implement wellness programs
  • Develop policy for provider discussion with all patients on routine basis (annually) regarding: healthy weight, lifestyles, physical activity, nutrition, and chronic disease management.
  • Establish best practice for Rx for physical activity for overweight/obese adults
  • Develop a calendar of wellness events