Healthy Champaign County

Goal 2 Healthy Champaign County

Goal #2: Increase by 1% the proportion of adolescents who report being at a healthy weight
Baseline: 71% of 8th graders surveyed in Champaign County reported being at a healthy weight (2016 Illinois Youth Survey)

  • Use Carle BMI data to track childhood BMI data in Champaign County; update annually
  • Partner with other community healthcare facilities to track aggregate childhood BMI data
  • Expand PlayRx program to include qualifying children from Carle
  • Establish Walking School Buses and Park ‘n walk programs at K-8 schools
  • Organize and hold at least two events annually focusing on safe walking and bicycling (Walk ‘n Roll to School Day, Bike to School Day, etc.)
  • Establish Safe Routes to Parks programs, providing safe walking and bicycling access to parks within ½ mile of every household
  • Emphasize the health, environmental, educational, and social benefits of walking and bicycling to school through activities, contests, and incentives
  • Apply for state and federal active transportation funding to support programs and projects