Healthy Champaign County

Goals Healthy Champaign County

Based on input from the long-range transportation plan, the Illinois Project for Local Assessment of Needs, and our members our goals are:

Goal #1: Reduce by 1% the proportion of adults who report fitting the criteria for obesity..
Baseline: 25% (2017 County Health Rankings)

  • Expand HCC membership by at least 15 new members
  • Maintain comprehensive wellness event calendar on HCC website
  • Maintain HCC website and social media to distribute local health and wellness information to community
  • Assist with establishing public education program to encourage use of transit, walking, and biking
  • Improve appeal and affordability of biking, promote bike-shares, and develop biking calendar
  • Promote Bicycle-Friendly Business certification
  • Develop plans, resources, and tools for small/medium-size businesses to implement wellness programs
  • Develop policy to encourage providers to ƬprescribeĆ® nutrition Rx and physical activity Rx